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Meditation for Stress Relief @ Gravitate Studio

Our lives are often filled with work, schedules, appointments and obligations that can keep us constantly on the go with little thought or down time for ourselves. This hectic pace at which we live our lives can often result in stress because we are focused on things that occurred in the past or the future, which can allow our thoughts or feelings to distract us.

Meditation shows us how to be in the here and now instead. It can help to quiet an overactive mind, thereby freeing us from a constant cycle of thoughts and "to-do" lists.

Whether you are new to meditation or have tried it before, this series will walk you through techniques you can use at home to combat stress and find a place of centeredness from which to tackle your daily life.

Join us for this four week series where we will use meditation to combat stress and promote relaxation in our daily lives.  

Please contact Gravitate Studio directly to register for the workshop.

Call:  416.783.4455


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