We are all here for a purpose. Finding yours and living it is a path that can empower and enlighten you.

That path starts here.


Get clarity on what's been holding you back and an infusion of energy to help you move forward. Balance your energy and establish a connection to your Higher Self in order to activate your true potential.

cord cutting

We all have attachments, relationships and issues in our life that we are ready to move on from but seem to have a hard time letting go of. Cut the energetic ties and let go of what is holding you back.

Empower Thyself

A 2 day training and intiation into the Lineage of King Salomon. Tools, teachings and insight to empower you to live the life you truly want to live. You'll see life and your place in it differently after this.

We are a pair of energy based practitioners and teachers trained in the metaphysical Lineage of King Salomon.


It is the lineage of the Modern Mystery School that dates back over 3000 years to the time of King Salomon himself.  We are affiliated with the Modern Mystery School. Our classes are prerequisites for advanced metaphysical and spiritual training with the Modern Mystery School. Our tools and teachings are empowering. We know they work because we've seen them weave magick in our lives and those we have the honour of serving. We want you to be your own guru. Your own psychic. Your own teacher and healer. We want you to live the life you really want to live. The best way to do that is to truly know your self. We are here to guide you along your path with true metaphysical insights that go beyond religion, beyond dogma and beyond the mind because they speak to the soul.



Lineage teachings and tools for modern times.


We offer energy based healings, activations, meditation practices and spiritual studies to help you overcome the limitations of the mind and realize your true potential. We are at our essence spirit, energy. Learning how to tap into that energy and live your life as a spiritual being here in the physical is innate in all of us, but it takes a willingness to let go of what is holding us back, change what is no longer working and be open to receive and grow. The tradition of metaphysics and the Lineage of King Salomon offer a path of transformation and empowerment for those who are ready. The first step is a Life Activation. See where it can take you.




Activations connect us to our Higher Self. They deepen our awareness of spirit and soul, allowing us to get rid of negative patterns and see our lives through a different lens. An energetic upgrade like no other.


These workshops are designed to give you an idea of what working with energy is all about. Informative, experiential and most of all, applicable and relevant to your everyday life.


Healings work primarily on the energetic layers of the body to  unblock, shift or balance one's energy. The effects can be felt physically, emotionally, mentally and can often assist more traditional forms of healing.


Meditation takes on many forms and can help one find simple relaxation or deeper spiritual insights. From seated to moving practises, find out what meditation can do you for.


Clearings are a way to let go of or get rid of unwanted, negative energy. They can clear our energy field and our physical space, help us break unhealthy connections and re-direct energy that we no longer need.


These classes are lineage teachings that help one find their true self and purpose here. These classes will enable you to take advanced training with the Modern Mystery School if you choose to pursue your studies further. 

We are building a community of people who are looking to change themselves and change this world. 


 We believe that sort of change starts within yourself. By becoming clear on who you are and what your purpose is. Because it is only by changing yourself that you can then change the world around you. From all the lightworkers, visionaries and empaths, to those who simply know in their heart that there is something more. Whether you are looking to simply change yourself or be part of something bigger, we have lineage based teachings, healings and tools of empowerment that can support you on that path.