These classes are lineage teachings that date back thousands of years, passed down from teacher to student to help one find their true self and purpose here. These classes will enable you to take advanced spiritual and metaphysical training with the Modern Mystery School if you choose to pursue your studies further. 

Intuition Workshop: Part I

3 hour workshop


Clairvoyance. Clairaudience. Clairsentience. We all have spiritual senses whether we are aware of them or not. Our spiritual senses mirror our physical senses and with practice, an expanded awareness can be cultivated. Part I of this workshop will teach you how to identify which sense is your strongest and how to enhance it. Learn how to start working with all of your spiritual senses in order to receive information and guidance in your life. 

Intuition Workshop: Part II

3 hour workshop


Part II of this workshop enables you to refine your spiritual senses even further with a series of specific exercises geared towards enhancing your intuitive senses. Building on Part I, you will learn how to use those senses to discern the information you are receiving. The more we engage our intuitive senses the more we can rely on them to guide us in our life.

Prerequisite is Intuition Workshop: Part I

Sanctuary Meditation

 3 hour workshop


Your Higher Self is that aspect of yourself that is here to help you with your own path of growth and progression. Learn specific meditation techniques to connect to  your Higher Self.  Discover how to communicate with your Higher Self and learn how to strengthen your own intuition.  These meditation techniques can help you gain insight about your life purpose here and your own process of spiritual growth.  Strengthen your connection to your Higher Self so you can start to receive guidance and information more easily to help you make decisions in your daily life.

Sacred Geometry I

4 hour class


The Pyramid. The Cube. The Sphere. These are the three primary geometries that are the patterns and energies behind the creation and structure of the Universe . Sacred Geometry is the language pattern of the cosmos and the precursor to all creation. Understanding these patterns and energies enables you to tap even deeper into your own creative abilities on both an energetic and physical level. Learn how to use the primary geometries to heighten the energetic structure of a room or space and how to grid and protect your home or workspace.

Sacred Geometry II

one day class


Take your understanding of Sacred Geometry further and learn the magick of crystals to serve both yourself and others. In this class you will learn how to use crystals for healing, dreaming and readings. You will also learn how to use crystals grids to heighten, enhance and protect home or work spaces. Crystals are inherently made of the building blocks of Sacred Geometry and we will learn to tap into those energies to serve ourselves and others. This class will give you the tools so you can enhance your skills as an energy practitioner or become one!

Prerequisite Sacred Geometry I

Astral Travel

one day class


Lucid Dreaming. Astral Projection. Out-of Body-Experiences. Astral Travel is the art and science of expanding one`s consciousness in order to travel outside of the physical body. We all experience this aspect of our consciousness when we dream even if we are not aware of it. The astral plane is where many things in our lives are created prior to being manifested in the physical.  Learn how to travel safely while remaining in a conscious state. Gain insight into where the sub-consciousness mind goes to every night when the physical body is at rest.

Advanced Astral Travel

one day class


Building on the foundational techniques taught in Astral Travel, you will learn 3 specific techniques to project your consciousness outside of your body as well as remote viewing technique. This class will also provide you give you an understanding of the nature of time and dimensions, which is an important piece of the art and science of Astral Travel.

12 Races of the Earth

one day class


Today we live in a world where the mythology and fairy tales of old are coming back to life – in books, movies and television, tales of  Elves, Faeries, Mer and Gypsies abound.  Is it all just the stuff of stories and folklore or does it speak to something more?

Mystery Schools have always acknowledged these other beings, sometimes referred to as the ‘Elemental’ people or the 12 Root Races, that share this planet with us. They once lived in harmony with humans until it was necessary to veil their existence for their survival.  Today, they often exist among us, hiding within plain sight. 

In this class you will learn more about who these races are, how they live in order to dispel some of the myths surrounding them, their part in the evolution of humanity and how we can re-build harmonious and empowering relationships with them. 

Journeys of the Spirit

one day class


A full day of meditative journeys that will strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and your ability to get information and from other energetic dimensions. These journeys will allow connect you to your Higher Self, Mother Gaia, the four elements and the inner divine feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. The skills acquired through these journeys can help awaken and increase your own spiritual gifts and psychic perceptions while journeying in a completely safe space. 

Empower Thyself

2 day class & initiation


Who are you? Why are you here? We are in essence spirit beings here for a greater purpose. Learn true metaphysical teachings that will explore what the energy body is and how it works, how the ego influences our actions and thoughts, what the difference is between the soul and spirit, what the Hierarchy of Angels and Archangels is and what our potential truly is here on this earth.

Receive tools to help you strengthen and protect your own energy structure and create real change in your life. Be initiated into the ancient lineage of King Salomon, the same King Salomon that existed in biblical times. This is an unbroken lineage in which the same metaphysical teachings have been handed down from teacher to student for over 3000 years.

Life Activation is a prerequisite to this class.

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