Wonder Woman: A New Archetype for a New World

girl in superhero costume.resized.jpg

We had the chance to see Wonder Woman and I have to say, I understand what all the hype is about. There are the obvious reasons of female empowerment, and the significance in our society of a superhero movie where the superhero also happens to be a woman. There is something to be said about seeing an elite team of Amazonian woman kicking some serious ass. It was hard not to leave with a sense of empowerment and renewed hope and that yes, womankind can save the world from its current state of testosterone charged craziness. That a woman can be all those things simultaneously -- strong, smart, athletic, feminine, fierce, compassionate and kind -- without sacrificing one for the other.

But for me as a student and teacher of spirituality and metaphysics, the movie also possessed a deeper meaning. The genre of superhero films and stories in general is interesting because it represents archetypes. Archetypes that we aspire to, archetypes presenting life lessons, archetypes with ideal qualities and traits. A sort of mythology of a superhuman, God-like beings that kids embody and actually believe they are capable of being.  Yet as a society we tend to relegate these archetypes to the realm of stories and dispel our children from such lofty aspirations, instilling in them instead that a steady job with benefits and a pension is really what they should shoot for.

In the movie Diana grew up shielded from the world of man, shielded from her true identity, and as a result her true power. In fact it wasn’t until she stepped out of the bubble of Themyscira that she discovered her true nature. But instead of shying away from it she stepped into her Godhood because it was through her Godhood, and only through her Godhood, she could live her life purpose.

Diana was very much the warrior, but the weapons she wielded were that of love and compassion. If fact, it was that love and compassion that motivated her to enter the battlefield known as No Man’s Land when no other man would. Compassion for those caught in a seemingly never ending war. Compassion for the suffering she saw along the way. Compassion for all those that “couldn’t be saved”.  It is interesting that she states later on in the move when confronting Ares that it is her belief that love is what will ultimately save the world.

At the end of the film Diana realizes a key aspect of the nature of mankind. That even a superhero cannot save others. That in each and every one of us there is both light and dark and that is a battle cannot be fought by others, but only ourselves. It is a battle we fight every day in the choices we make, how we live our lives, how we interact with others. But in the end, Diane has faith much like I do, that light, that love instilled in the depths of our true nature is always stronger.

Yet most of us tend to live lives not in alignment with our true nature. Most of us tend not to pursue our life’s purpose or calling. We play it small or play it safe. We end up settling for less. Somehow life’s obligations and responsibilities get in the way and stop us from living the life we truly desire to live.  Often our minds are filled with doubt. Doubt whether we can actually achieve our dreams or have what it takes to make it happen. And fear. Fear that we will ultimately fail.

What if that is what it took for us to achieve and actually live our dreams? A belief in something greater than ourselves or what we currently are in our lives. Belief in the possibility that we too are capable of feats we could never imagine. Belief that perhaps we need to step into our own archetype, step up and be our own super hero, step forth into our own "Godhood" in order to achieve what seems incapable to most.

By this I mean living our life in alignment with our true nature, our true self, which is us without the opinions, baggage, judgments, limitations and fears that so often define our lives. Belief that you are here for a greater purpose and have a responsibility to yourself to create that life here. That you are more than just your physical body, that you are an eternal being here to realize your potential in the physical. If we truly believed that and lived our lives accordingly then perhaps we too could move mountains, or save a village. With love and compassion for ourselves and others as our weapon to fight the battle within our own minds and actions.

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