Six Quick Ways to Boost Your Energy

Looking for a few simple and quick ways to boost your energy whenever you're feeling a little low? We've got some tips that will help give you a quick pick me up, minus the caffeine. 

Pinch Your Ears

Using your thumb and forefinger, pinch your ears starting at the bottom of the earlobe and working your way up to the top.  This will activate a series of pressure points that in turn stimulates the nervous system and redirects the flow of blood throughout the body.

Drink More H2O

You've likely heard this before, but for good reason! Being even mildly dehydrated slows the flow of oxygen to your organs which can make you feel depleted. Tired of drinking plain old water? Add some fruit, cucumbers, lemons or limes for a refreshing change.

Rub Your Hands

Rubbing your hands together quickly for about 30 seconds will generate a lot of heat as well as energy. Take that energy while you can still feel it in your hands and simply re-direct it to any part of the body that is feeling low, depleted or in need of a boost. Simply hold your hands over that area and let the energy do the work!

Stop and Smell

Essential peppermint oil contains many natural healing properties and has been used for ages for a range of ailments such as reducing nausea, improving breathing and even cooling a fever! Taking a whiff can help boost alertness and concentration as well. Rub a few drops onto sore, tired muscles or the forehead and temples to ease the onset of a headache too.

Thump Your Chest

hold the tree pose.jpg

You may look a little like Tarzan but its actually a technique from Chi Kung, an ancient form of energy work. Using the palm of your hand, thump on the chest just below the collar bone which stimulates the lymph nodes. Keep your other hand on your hara, just below the belly button, which is your energy centre in Chi Kung.

Breathe Deeply

Deep, steady breathing brings more oxygen into the body and triggers the release of the "happy" and energizing hormones in the body. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth a few times until you feel the body relax and the mind start to quiet.