Are Spirit Guides Real?

Even though they don’t have a physical body, our Spirit Guides are indeed real. They are here to help us whenever we need.  They act in our highest and best interest and are ultimately here to help guide our spiritual development. They can communicate with us in many different ways, through signs and messages or through synchronicities or coincidences of events that unfold in our lives.

Whether we are aware of their presence or not, our Guides are always there, ready to assist us and communicate with us whenever we are ready to listen and receive their help.  As we often experience a bit of “spiritual amnesia” here as physical beings, our Guides are here to help us bridge that gap. To remind us of our true life purpose and also provide us with direction on how we can set about achieving it.
There is often more than one Guide helping us. Some have been with us since birth (remember your imaginary friend as a child?). Others will step in to help us with certain situations or to achieve certain goals. They may appear to us in human form, with a gender and a name, or they may present themselves as an animal (common in shamanic traditions) or simply as a presence of light.

Whatever form they appear to us, our Spirit Guides always have our highest and best interest at heart. That is in fact one of the key ways to tell that your Guide is in fact your Guide; if what they tell you or show you in essence feels right and brings positive results to your life than that is most certainly your Guide.  A Guide would never speak to you negatively, make you feel bad about yourself or direct you to do anything that would bring negative repercussions to yourself or others. That most often is our negative ego at play which, by the way, you can choose not to engage or better yet, tell it to take a hike.
Spirit Guides can see what’s going on in our lives, and when it’s time for them to intervene they have several ways they can accomplish this. Our Guides can send us messages, or may be the inner voice we hear give us a key word, direction or advice. We may simply get a gut or intuitive feeling.  Our Guides can also present us with signs, synchronicities or repeating symbols to grab our attention. They may send people into our life, whether someone from the past or completely new, that show up at just the right time. Whatever the method, when coincidences show up in our lives, it most often in fact is our Guides at play.
While we may be more aware of our Guides is specific situations or decision points, it is possible to have a direct relationship and dialogue with them in our daily lives as well. Some of the most effective ways to connect with our Guides include:

  • Listen to our intuition or inner senses: there is often the intuitive nudge of our Guide behind the feeling.
  • Pay attention to signs or signals: they tend to call our attention over and over again with the same signposts.
  • Connect with them in the dream state: This will be easier the more practised you are at lucid dreaming or astral travel.
  • Meditate: One of the most direct and effective ways to connect with your Guide is through meditation. From there you can learn their name, how best to communicate with them and the signs to watch out for them in your daily life. 

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