What is a Life Activation?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. It’s not necessarily a self-explanatory process, but the name really does describe the energetic and physical changes we see taking place as result of the Activation.

We all know that our physical characteristics are determined by our DNA. Our hair colour, our eye colour, whether we’re right or left handed. Our genetic make-up of who we are as a physical being is embedded into the tiny spiral of deoxyribonucleic acid that contains all our biological information.

The same is true on an energetic level as well. Our energy body, the auric field that surrounds the physical body, also contains a similar blueprint. The energy field acts like an intermediary for the soul, transferring the information stored in the etheric level into the density of the physical body. The information stored in the energetic blueprint also contains vital information; information that is related to our spiritual development.

It contains keys to our spiritual heritage, where we come from as a spirit being. It is the source for our creativity and passion, and it has the roadmap to breaking unconscious patterns we often repeat in our lives. But perhaps most importantly it contains the keys to what our true purpose is here.  The reason we decided to come here and live our own physical experience. 

For most of us this connection to our spiritual blueprint has become a little rusty and in need of a tune up.  As we become older our education, our relationships and our career tend to determine how we identify ourselves. While all these things are an undeniable part of the human experience, our connection to source in turn becomes a little weaker.

A Life Activation re-establishes that connection. It dusts off and clears away the cobwebs so we can see not only the big picture, but also the fine print. As the dormant part of blueprint starts to awaken two things start to happen; it can reignite our passion for what we truly want to create in our lives. And the clutter of the negative patterns, the emotional traps that tend to hold us back, all start to get cleared out, much like a spring cleaning for the recesses of the mind.

The Life Activation can also help us to learn not only on a physical level but on an energetic level as well. Core metaphysical teachings, such as the Empower Thyself class teach not only to the mind but also to the spirit. A Life Activation helps bring what we learn on a subconscious level to the surface so we can use these teachings to make real changes and choices in our lives. 

Ready for your Life Activation now?