Soul Retrieval: Making Yourself Whole Again

The soul is an integral part of who are as both a physical and spiritual being. The soul acts as an intermediary between spirit and the physical body, allowing the two to co-exist in this density and life we experience here on this earth. Because the soul bridges the gap between the purely spiritual and the purely physical it in a way protects the most important piece of us, who we are as a spirit being, our spiritual essence. The physical body is merely the container, or the temple in which it resides. The soul is key to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Many shamanic cultures around the world believe that illnesses manifest on either an emotional or physical level but have at their root a spiritual connection. Soul Retrieval is a modality that is most often associated with shamanic work and healing practises.

I recently had the opportunity to train in the Hermetic lineage of Soul Retrieval. The Shamanic and Hermetic approaches are quite similar, the key difference being whereas Shamanic tradition draws more on earth focused energies, Mother Earth, to guide the practitioner in finding and retrieving lost soul fragments, the Hermetic tradition draws on the energy from above, Father Sky to do the same. Simply accessing different energies to achieve the same ends of making the soul whole again.

It is believed in both shamanic and hermetic traditions that whenever we suffer any type of emotional, mental or physical trauma a part of soul leaves the body in order to survive the experience. Types of trauma that can cause this fragmentation of the soul could include anything from abuse (emotional, physical, or sexual), an accident, surgery, addictions, death or separation of a loved one. It could be situations where we felt compelled to act against our morals or beliefs or comply with dogma imposed upon us. The trauma may be sudden or occur gradually over time. Any event that causes a shock to our system could result in soul fragmentation. And what might cause soul loss in one person might not cause soul loss in another. It is a coping mechanism of sorts. It helps ensure we do not feel the full impact of a traumatic experience. Modern psychology has a term for this; disassociation, where one may describe a detached feeling, like they were watching an event happen to someone else without emotion or reaction.

But what is it exactly that disassociates and where does it go? The problem is not necessarily that the soul leaves, but that it does not always completely return to the body on its own. That particular piece of the soul becomes lost and may not know that the trauma has passed and it is now safe to come back home.

How can you tell if soul fragmentation has happened to you? Some common signs that can show up in our lives are:

  •  Feeling that something is missing or consistently not feeling like ourselves
  •  A sense that you have never been the same since a particular event.
  • You no longer pursue hobbies or past times that previously brought you joy or a sense of fulfilment
  • Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Feeling that you are watching or observing life rather than living it

The effects of having a soul retrieval vary person to person. Some people feel that they are more grounded and present in their body. Some people feel lighter and more joyful than they have in a while. For some, memories of the past trauma might be triggered, bringing up a variety of feelings that must be worked through. Many people have become stuck in the stories about the traumas of their past. Often the soul retrieval can be just the beginning of the work needed to heal on a personal level. It can help one begin to identify less with the trauma in their lives and empower them to create a new identity, a new story for their present and future.

As we feel more present in their lives and in the world we become more conscious of what is out of balance. When we are numb we might be aware that things in the world are not right but we can easily distract ourselves from feeling a need to change. When we are whole and present, distractions tend to lose their appeal and we feel more inspired to change our lives and the world around us.

We are spiritual beings here for a physical experience. It is our birthright to fully express our soul and create the life we want to life and the world we want to live it in. It is time to shine our own unique light in this world and share it with others.  Are you ready to create that change? We can help.