Having a child is a time of significant change and growth in your life. These classes are designed to support you from the very beginning, through the birthing process and beyond. Combining movement, awareness and the breath at every stage.

Prenatal Yoga & Meditation

75 minutes

$25 for single class  $110 for 5 classes   $200 for 10 classes

Pregnancy is a time of huge changes not only in the physical body and emotions but also on an energetic and spiritual level as well. We have a heightened sense of awareness and intuition which enables us to tap into the collective consciousness of the birthing experience.

This unique blend of prenatal yoga will help ease the physical discomforts common in pregnancy combined with breathing and meditative techniques in an intimate environment to help prepare you for the birthing process from a holistic perspective. Appropriate for women in the latter stages of the first trimester through to the third trimester.

Class size is limited to 8. Registration is required. 

Mama & Me

60 minutes

$25 for single class $110 for 5 classes   $200 for 10 classes

For active moms and active babies! Join us for this unique mom and baby class where we will combine yoga, songs, rhymes and baby massage as a way to strengthen and heal the post natal body,  nurture your bond with baby and connect with other new moms in a supportive environment!

Class size is limited to 8. Registration is required. 

Fertility Workshop

2 hour session


Thinking of starting a family or have been trying for a while? Challenges with fertility can be an especially stressful time in one’s life. A mindful based approach to fertility can help shift your mindset towards your fertility, helping you see your journey in a new light.  This workshop will combine breathing and meditative techniques along with specific physical postures that can help reduce stress and improve reproductive health.

This workshop will help you reduce stress and anxiety related to fertility, show you how to increase blood and energy flow to reproductive areas to help increase chances of conceiving, provide a greater sense of control over your body and deepen your understanding of reproductive health all within a supportive environment for women experiencing fertility issues.

Birth Prep Workshop

2 hour session


Discover how yoga, breathing techniques and meditation can help you tap into your own innate and intuitive ability to give birth.  Whether you are planning to have a home birth or a hospital birth, this workshop will give you a range of tools that can be used to minimize pain and interventions, speed up both labour and delivery and help the postpartum recovery and healing process.

This workshop is designed for small groups of moms to be and their partners. It will  review the various stages of the birthing process from the early stages of labour at the onset of contractions through to the final stage of pushing. This interactive workshop will walk you through partner assisted poses as well as basic massage techniques that partner can use to help alleviate physical discomfort and tensions associated with the birthing process. A great compliment or alternative to more traditional birthing workshops offered through most hospitals.

Kids Mindfulness Workshop  

60 minutes  

$15 per child

More and more children have to contend with pressure, expectations, and hectic schedules as part of today's society and yet they may not always have the tools to cope. Some kids are naturally more sensitive to pressure or external stimulus than others. Recent studies into mindfulness show that these techniques can increase optimism and happiness in the classroom and at home, decrease bullying and aggression, increase compassion and empathy for others and help kids resolve conflicts independently.

This mindfulness based workshop will explore techniques from yoga, meditation, brain gym, and breathing exercises to give kids a range of tools to calm down, slow down and feel better when they are troubled. Suitable for children ages 5-12 years.

About the Instructor

Cindy has been teaching pre and post natal classes at various  Toronto studios for over 8 years. She is a certified prenatal, post natal and fertility yoga instructor and also has two small children of her own.  She  experienced challenges with fertility in her second pregnancy and fuses her own personal experiences with her training in order to bring a unique mindful and playful approach to her classes.