Meditation takes on many forms and can help one find simple relaxation or deeper spiritual insights. From seated to moving practises, find out what meditation can do you for.

Kids Mindfulness

1 hour workshop 

$15 per child

More and more children have to contend with pressure, expectations, and hectic schedules as part of today's society and yet they may not always have the tools to cope. Some kids are naturally more sensitive to pressure or external stimulus than others. Recent studies into mindfulness show that these techniques can increase optimism and happiness in the classroom and at home, decrease bullying and aggression, increase compassion and empathy for others and help kids resolve conflicts independently.

This mindfulness based workshop will explore techniques from yoga, meditation, brain gym, and breathing exercises to give kids a range of tools to calm down, slow down and feel better when they are troubled. Suitable for children ages 5-12 years.

Max Meditation System™

1 hour session

$15 for single class  $60 for 5 classes $100 for 10 classes

Meditation shows us how to be in the here and now. It can help to quiet an overactive mind, induce relaxation and cultivate a greater connection to spirit. Whether you are new to meditation or have tried it before, learn specific breathing, relaxation and focus techniques you can use at home to build your own practice.

This is a seated meditation practise that explores guided visualization, active meditation and passive meditation.

Held Monday evenings at 7:30 pm.

Moving Meditation

1 hour session

$15 for single class  $60 for 5 classes    $100 for 10 classes

For active lives and active minds. Experience meditation through rhythmic movement and coordination of the body and the breath. Moving meditation calms and focuses the mind while engaging in conscious movement of the physical body, allowing a greater awareness of the cultivation and redirection of energy. Drawing on techniques from Qi Gong and Chi Do, moving meditation can be an ideal introduction to meditation or the choice of those who prefer movement over a seated practise.

Moving Meditation is held Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.

Sanctuary Meditation

3 hour class


Your Higher Self is an aspect of yourself that is here to help you with your own path of growth and progression. Learn specific meditation techniques to connect to your Higher Self.  Discover how to communicate with your Higher Self and learn how to strengthen your own intuition.  These meditation techniques can help you gain insight about your life purpose here and your own process of spiritual growth. Strengthen your connection to your Higher Self so you can start to receive guidance and information more easily to help you make decisions in your daily life.

Journeys of the Spirit

1 day class


A full day of meditative journeys where you will learn how to use your sanctuary to astral travel through different energetic dimensions. These journeys will allow connect you to your Higher Self, Mother Gaia, the four elements and the inner divine feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. The skills acquired through these journeys can help awaken and increase your own spiritual gifts and psychic perceptions while journeying in a completely safe space. 

Please check our schedule for upcoming class dates and times. Don't see it there? Let us know below and we'll schedule one shortly.